Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jimmy Choo to blame for marriage breakdown - OF COURSE!

yellow patent Jimmy Choo heels

ran this piece of retrograde chauvinism from the ex-husband of Jimmy Choo maven Tamara Mellon today. It is truly mind boggling that in this day and age a man feels threatened when his wife is fiscally successful. Then again Mellon is an ex-addict with a trust fund...and of course the marriage breakdown was nothing to do with his well-publicised falling off the wagon....

November 20, 2007 -- MOST men don't find high heels very macho, but for Matthew Mellon, they took away his entire manhood. The ex-husband of Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon tells next month's W magazine, "When your wife makes $100 million during the course of your marriage, it's quite a shocker . . . I felt like my masculinity had been stripped from me. I feel like my b - - - s are in a jar, like a Damien Hirst artwork on the mantelpiece."

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