Saturday, November 24, 2007

Single sane girl seeks single sane boy for friendship, possibly more....

I am starting to realise that if I am to stay in Manhattan, then I will be staying single for the duration, & will only be socialising with female or gay friends. (I only ever meet gay men through work, and they tend to be of the extremely camp variety. That's fashion, dahling. Which is not always very relaxing altho brilliant company if one's brain is working at razor sharp levels.)

American, straight, platonic and male friends are impossible as single, interesting men with half a brain don't seem to choose to live here. (They have to be single, as Manhattan women are freakishly territorial and will bop you one if you so much as glance at their man. (What do they think I am going to do? Jump them in the middle of a restaurant?)

And, regarding potential boyfriends, if a man in this city is single and over 30, then he is generally a player, probably enjoys the company of stunningly beautiful & frighteningly stupid women, is possibly harbouring a communicable disease or two, and is so dysfunctional that you'd be fighting with his therapist for quality time.

Frankly I'd rather remain single than sink to their level. Yes, of course, being in a mutually satisfying relationship is splendid, but engaging in games,(outside of the bedroom), no thank you. I'm not twitching to be part of a couple: I complete myself, thank you very much and, after all, if husband hunting were top of my agenda, I'd have stayed in London. I'm not saying no to dating, but if I'm going to give up my time it had better bloody well be worth it.

No, what I want, what I really, really want is a nice boy with whom I can play. No, not like that. You know: for hanging out, feeding, dancing, wingman-ing each other: the stuff I did with my male friends in London.