Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am now so sleep deprived that I am finding it hard to function. I stayed up 'till 6.30am on Monday & then got in a scant four hours, didn't sleep at all last night, managed a three hour cat nap this afternoon, and am still up at 2.20 now...(Now I know how Miss P feels after young Master Edward's refusal to sleep.)

Deadlines are the problem, plus a rewrite. Not only do I blog 2-3 times daily for a paid anony-blog for a creative network elsewhere, I also have several overdue features for them, plus I'm filing for a super prestigious UK glossy. I am feeling the pressure somewhat: it's a muli-layered piece, involving having interviewed several Hollywood A-list, so I can't screw it up. ("You'll never work in this town again", rings through my head from time to time.)

Thing is, my real life continues: the barrister flew in from Bolivia this am and requires my attention before he buggers off back to Blighty tomorrow evening and I had to go interview Lydia Hearst this morning, plus attend her party at 60 Thompson this evening.

Still, the only thing worse would be no work, no friends, no social life at all...

(And the barrister did feed me cup cakes and dim sum in Chinatown for lunch)