Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fraternal love

Ten reasons why I love & worship my little sister:

1. She lets me sleep on her sofa when I come back to London. even though I am super messy and it drives her bonkers
2. Animals love her, and she brings out the best in them
3. She lent me the money for my plane ticket when my credit card screwed up
4. She’s not very well, but she’s the bravest person I’ve ever met
5. She colour codes her sweater and T shirt shelves, just like Benetton
6. She made me pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, just before I got on my plane
7. She’s incredibly loyal, supportive, enormously kind, thoughtful & generous
8. She loves Chinese takeaway almost as much as I do
9. She tells me when my skirts are too short or my outfit sucks – I trust her taste implicitly
10. She’s trained the babydog to roll over on our feet for tummy tickles

But the most important reason of all is because she’s my best-est friend, not just my sister.