Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gramercy Park

Oh God it is soooo cold today. I looked out of the window, saw bright sunshine and assumed it was another warm-ish spring day. Nope. Got that one wrong.

I was running a little late for an appointment with the PR for The Gramercy Park Hotel, so I didn't have time to run back (Run? Who am I kidding? Crawl) up the four flights of stairs to get my ear muffs & a sweater once I was outdoors, realising that a silk cami, lightweight frock and coat weren't really going to keep me that warm on a bike.

By the time I'd got to Gramercy Park and was chaining up my wheels, I thought my ears might drop off from cold. Still, I whipped on my heels and tottered into the lovely warm hotel, past the ever present paparazzi (who ignored me, as usual). I was just on a reconaissance mission, but I swear if I had been reviewing it today, it would have got ten out of ten based purely on its central heating and open fires. (Actually it does get 10/10 for its fabulous and HUGE rooms, attention to detail, the the sexy bar and the exceedingly hot staff)

As I was unchaining the bike after our meeting, and changing from my foxy footwear (navy patent platform Mary Janes), into grey studded flats, the cutest guy stopped and said, "Hey cool transition. You look great". Ah. The power of the unsolicited compliment.

He carried on, and I whizzed past him at the next set of lights, narrowly missing a truck. That would have been seriously uncool, (transitioning from hot chick to strawberry jam).