Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fashion & dieting

God I'm getting porky. Too many pizzas, fries, burritos and Creme Eggs have been shovelled in my gob of late. Whilst I am the first to decry the fashion industry's obsession with weight, there is a difference between being skeletal and being heathily in shape.

I am neither, & am tipping dangerously towards the wrong end of my BMI scale. Plus, as any fule kno, apple-shaped women need to be extremely careful not to store too much fat around their abdomens. (It massively inreases the risk of heart disease & other nasties.) With my skinny legs, I am looking more and more like a barrel perched on two golf clubs as each day passes.

I'm determined to turn over a new leaf as of yesterday.

I started by combining health & nutrition on a super fast bike ride to the lower reaches of Chinatown in search of suen sum, pak choi and properly fresh garlic. I intend to live on pounds of steamed greens, shitake mushrooms and braised tofu. Delicious and healthy.

The Chinatown expedition also worked quite well at killing my appetite when I walked past an elderly Chinese lady on the Mott Street sidewalk who was casually picking over a deep plastic tub of fat, very very perkily alive & slimy looking frogs.