Monday, March 17, 2008

Dating Option Number two

I am meeting Dating Option number two, a property business bloke, tomorrow. (I realised that the fact that I let DO One's enthusiastic follow up call go to voicemail, and then took six hrs to text him back meant I wasn't enormously enagaged with the idea of a return match. Great company but I don't think I fancy him. Not that he's followed through on asking me out again yet.)

I'm off to Barney's in the evening to meet the bling-tastic Donatella at a cocktail Howard Sogol is throwing to launch Versace Menswear in the store. BA is my date so that we can view the eye candy together (although we fully accept that most of it will be gay).

DO Two is meeting me for a cocktail afterwards. For, as my (male) friend L so memorably put it tonight, "You don't bring your own food to an open buffet".