Monday, March 17, 2008

On-line dating

So on-line dating does kind of resemble a smorgasbord of men. I lack the energy to trawl through the site I'm on, so my MO is simply to post a profile, and then sit back and see who comes to visit. I've been inundated with winks & emails this week, and now I'm weeding out the nutters, vertically challenged, perverted, geriatric, tantrically inclined and hippy from the possibly eligibles.

After all on-line dating is about dating by specifics, not about giving people you wldn't normally date a chance. Plus at my advanced age, I know that I find a very specific type of man sexually attractive in the real world, and I doubt my taste is going to change any time soon.

My personal preferences are for height - 5'8" & above only, (I'm 5'10" in heels, & looking down at the top of someone's head is not a personal turn on), build - preferably skinny (I grew up with a picture of Morrissey on my wall), no students, slackers or indigents (I've subbed one too many boyfriends in my time), no Paulo Coelho readers (get a life), no pictures in a car or on a motorcycle (so you have a tiny penis then), and an ability to construct a sentence (so you're not illiterate then).

And any man who writes an email which says, "Look at my profile. If you like what you see, write back", gets null points for effort.