Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogs du Jour

I haven’t done a ‘blogs I read' round up for some time. Regular visitors to the blogosphere will know that there is a hardcore of fashion bloggers who all know & support each other. I’ve tagged and mentioned these essential reads of the on-line world frequently, so I’m moving out of the style world today.

First up: Cityboy. Intelligent, obnoxious, acerbic, hilarious. Anonymous Cityboy lifts the lid on the City of London and what those finance boys really get up to. The blog is linked to his weekly column in thelondonpaper, and he has the Holy Grail of bloggers, a book coming out on 26th June.

Lurking in the leftfield are The Avocado Papers. He likes talking and knowing about stuff. Pretty random stuff, but interesting stuff all the same.

London Foodie in NY because she is as obsessed about food as I have always been, (but has actually put her money where her mouth is by cooking for a living) and thinks Americans eat some pretty wierd stuff for breakfast too.

Woody's Dog Blog makes me hoot with laughter. And not just because I know Woody's mummies. (One of whom mentioned to my sis the other day that it was so funny how my blog makes me sound so glamorous, when she & my sister know the truth about my appalling messiness and slothful ways. Thank you very much my darling!)

Addendum: Bugger. I know I've mentioned her recently, but I should have added Definitely Stopping At Two this morning as I think her most recent post beyond genius. And that's not just because she's my friend.