Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Francoise Olivas designs: A way to mark Earth Day

Ethical clothing is now a serious option for those who love fashion. I suggest celebrating Earth Day by checking out the beautiful collection from new designer Francoise Olivas who, as she puts it, strives for ethical beauty. I particularly love her Stravinsky's Stripe Dress (look no 12/13 & Three of Cups (look 16/17).

I'm going to lift straight from her copy as she describes her motivation better than I could:

It's hard to feel beautiful in an exquisite dress knowing that people halfway across the globe toiled long hours for mere pennies a day to create it. The richness of Francoise Olivas designs comes from our fair trade practices and alliances with traditional artisans from around the world. We rely on our global partners not only to assist us with producing our garments, but to inspire and collaborate in the design of our pieces as well.

Additionally, we respect and marvel at the grace and charm of the environment. We aim to use only environmentally friendly fabrics and yarns, and to restore natural dye practices. Simply put, we endeavor to create a line of products that are gentle on the world in order to be gentle on your mind.

The Francoise Olivas brand is a harmonious blend of form and fit, emotion and color, excellence of artistry and inspired originality. Our collection gives a nod of respect and appreciation to the diversity of cultures in our world, while extending a social, economic, and environmental handshake.