Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Orzo with mushrooms, feta, edamame & parsley

It’s been a beautiful day here in Manhattan, and I walked home from the subway after a cocktail at The Four Seasons uptown with just my tux over my silk Geren Ford dress. Twenty minutes later, whilst I was watching Dancing with the Stars (guilty pleasure), a tornado warning flashed across the screen, and rain started pelting against the windows and the wind blew the curtains in.

And goodness I suddenly felt hungry. I made the most delicious & super healthy supper in just fifteen minutes. I measured out a cup of orzo. Whilst it was cooking, I fried mushrooms & spring onions (scallions) in a little olive oil, and defrosted some edamame in a bowl of boiling water. As the mushrooms cooked, I added a teaspoon of butter and a generous pinch of Maldon salt and a lot of black pepper. The salt leached out some of the juices from the mushrooms to give a fabulous buttery sauce. Then I threw in the drained orzo with a couple of ounces of crumbled feta and lots of chiffonaded flat parsley. Bingo. And then I ate it all.

And chased it with a Crème Egg. Hey I can’t be healthy all the time.I’m waiting for the insurance company to send my new camera, so please excuse my terrible cameraphone pics