Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dating Option Number Three

DN3 has invited me to play Connect Four tomorrow, so I've picked a bar Downtown. I'm slightly regretting arranging to meet him as I looked at his profile again today and I'm pretty sure I don't fancy him. But he wrote me a brilliant (ie blush makingly complimentary) email, and made me laugh so I over ruled my inner voice and agreed to a date, thinking I should give him - and me - a chance. And maybe I'll make a friend, if not a boyfriend.

Which is more than I'm going to do with the film director who asked me for a drink after a few emails. I replied back suggesting a day & time, and never heard back. Bloody rude. He got back in touch a week later saying could I do the next Friday instead. Obviously I ignored it: we're all busy but courtesy doesn't take much time, & if he can't even be bothered to email to reschedule because he's busy it doesn't bode well. The penny has obviously dropped as he emailed again to finally apologise for virtually standing me up, asked me out a third time and then started talking about interviews I'd done recently.

Except I've never told him my surname or who I write for, bar that I broadcast for the BBC. He's obviously done a comprehensive Google & Lexus Nexus search on me. Creepy.

If someone provides their full name then I think they are fair game for a spot of Googling, but I don't tell people my surname on purpose as I want to preserve some anonymity, and neither do I want people meeting me because they want to network. (It's happened before). Whatever, he's a flake and he's invaded my privacy. Game over mate.