Friday, April 04, 2008

Who IS Liberty London Girl?

Anonymity on the web is a curious thing. Most anony-bloggers are living on borrowed time. I know full well that we will all get our identities outed sooner or later, as some journalists & bloggers just can’t resist trying to be clever by working it out.

I got outed this morning to a whole group of people I’ve only just met when a random friend of a friend followed a link to here, read a couple of posts and worked out the identities of S & J. God only knows how.

I’m just relieved that, although I may be trenchant in my views, I am never gratuitously rude or nasty about anyone so I don’t think there’s anything for them to be offended by in my descriptions of our various shenanigans. In fact S appears to be pretty chuffed that his blog moniker is ‘Sexy S’, which is actually how he is known by all my girlfriends (There you have it S – the truth!)

Anyway, I’m not fussed if people know who I am. All my friends know I write a blog, (two actually, as I get paid to write one elsewhere) & I’ve never made an enormous secret of my identity: I’m too lazy for all that surreptitiousness. Several other fashion bloggers know who I am & I’ve told the odd PR here or there. In fact the only reason I stay an anony-blogger, as I explained in an earlier post, is that I dislike the idea of my life being on display for anyone who cares to put my name in a search engine.

This post was triggered by several things. Firstly, my mate S who writes the truly excellent Down By The Hipster blog about NYC nightlife got rather spitefully outed by a semi-rival blog a couple of weeks ago (altho it’s got them lots of traffic & some advertising, so not all bad there). Secondly, it’s been brought to my attention by more than a few bloggers that there that people are searching their blogs with the question, ‘Who is LibertyLondonGirl?’

Get a grip, people. It’s just not that big a secret. Ask me, and if I know or like you, I’ll tell you.