Monday, May 05, 2008

Showing some Net a Porter love

I’ve been indulging in rather too much fantasy shopping of late. (That’s what the prospect of a regular salary does to an inveterate freelancer.) I think we can all agree that I have enough shoes to last me through the summer now, but I am still in need of some everyday summer dresses.

When I lived in London, I had started to develop a Net a Porter habit, but I’ve tried to rein it in here in Manhattan but I find myself gravitating back to their delicious site way too frequently. The joy of NaP is that they have so much stock that it’s the equivalent of spending an entire day drifting from store to store in Midtown with all the tourists.

I’m seriously considering the purchase of this Helmut Lang piece:I’m also yearning for this Philip Lim 2.1 frock:And for this Lim top which looks like a pretty good work/home transitional piece. I see it with my navy short shorts and some high wedges.