Thursday, March 05, 2009

Back on the diet wagon

blueberries, linseed, blue bowl, blueberry, yoghurt, breakfast
I’m back on the Lenten Fast with a vengeance. No more sneaky French fries dipped in mayonnaise for me. My biggest food indulgence has always been allowing myself to order anything I want on the menu when I eat out. With the consequent results on my tummy & thighs. I met lovely Lola yesterday for lunch(so pregnant that I’m surprised her waters didn’t break in Café Luxemburg), and instigated the new regime: instead of the omelette frites with cheese & mushrooms that I really wanted, I ordered a small bowl of butternut squash soup and drank water.

I did eat three small pieces of bread & butter with it but that’s got to be better than a big fat American sandwich or the plate of French fries I would normally have ordered.

And above is today’s lunch: a bowl of organic no-fat yogurt (since I read Michael Pollan I’m steering clear of BGH and other nasties when I can), blueberries and my own mix of organic linseed, porridge oats, sunflower & pumpkin seeds. (According to this piece in the NY Times, pumpkin seeds are one of the top ten superfoods we should be adding to our diets.)