Friday, March 13, 2009

Blog stuff

Just to let my regular readers know that I keep changing my header description to try to find a way to stop people I know & won't tell the address to from finding my blog through Google searches. (If you Google the obvious words that are associated with me & my job at present, this blog comes up in first place and that means random people (i.e. people I go on dates with) can find this blog rather too easily.) Once here, it's not exactly rocket science to work out that I am the author if you know me, and I do prefer my dates to get to know me face to face rather than by reading about my disasters.

I also wanted to thank sweetA Pretty Face for awarding me a Your Blog is Fabulous badge, and my beloved Jacob Wrestling for asking passing on her meme, asking me to cite five things for which I am grateful. I am working on it and will post later.