Friday, March 13, 2009

My sister:The one thing I am grateful about

Oh hurrumph. This Five Things to be Grateful meme has driven me bonkers. I’m copping out and writing a paean to my little sister instead. She’s the thing about which I have most to be grateful

Our parents have driven each other batshit crazy and we need each other as no one else could possibly understand our situation but our relationship is based on more than supporting each other in a war zone. Without her I would be a lesser person in every way. She bullies me, grounds me, makes me see sense. We trust each other's opinion implicitly.

We speak every day on Skype, often just wittering away about how much we love the psycho stumpy dog who is generally doing unspeakable things in the background. She’s kind, generous, super intelligent, & very skilled at driving me crazy with her self-consciousness & lack of self-belief. She thinks she is boring and unattractive when she is mesmerizing. She is little, just 5'2", with skin that puts peaches & cream to shame and will never need cosmetic intervention, silky thick brown hair with auburn lights & a widow’s peak, a nose that tips up in just the right way, a tiny waist & gentle curves that men adore.

I am way more social than she and so am forever introducing her to people who come away wanting to be her friend. But she either doesn’t believe them or thinks they are just trying to be nice. Pah. I keep telling her that everybody is essentially selfish so if they want to be her friend it’s because they REALLY want to. The single thing that scares me most in my life is that she won’t get all the things in life that she deserves so much through her self-sabotage.

Oh & she is going to be FURIOUS at me for posting this.