Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Choose Me My Wardrobe

So I found a new version of my ruined dress in an Ebay auction - except it's a size too small. Decisions, decisions. Do I bargain on my Lenten Fast working that well, or should I just accept if I buy it I will end up with two dresses that don't fit? (It is very cheap.)

Or. This dress in black. Disclaimer: I have it in blue & gold from maybe six seasons ago. I stopped wearing it as I bought it from the pre-collection and then it got bloody photographed on every celeb from Natalie Imbruglia to Heidi Klum. The blue & gold still seems overly recognisable (& I do not like my clothes shrieking at people) but black seems more subtle?

Or in silver. Granted, I am the colour of skim milk right now, but once I sheep dip myself in finest fake tan, silver might be quite Jane Fonda-ish sexy with blonde hair & bare legs, no?

If I was given a choice in what I wore, none of these three dresses would necessarily be my taste, but I know what works for me. This tunic style, T shirt shape is the style that works best for my body, camouflaging my out of control bosom and not flat tum, whilst showing off my legs. Price isn't an issue here, as they are all under seventy quid. And I need a new cocktail dress for my LA trip, as well as wearing in Manhattan.

So, internets, your thoughts please? Which one should I buy?