Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The post where I admit to taking your advice internets.

Never, dear internets, let it be said that I ignore your myriad words of wisdom. When you told me that my new shoes were indeed as remedial as I had feared, I took your advice and changed them for these Corso Como suede and patent wedges:

The remedial shoes also had canvas uppers which I realised would give me hideous bleeding blisters & cause me to swear intemperately at darling JK when trotting around Southern California sightseeing. These are much more practical (honest guv) as they have padded leather cushions at the heels and balls of the feet. Maybe I will even be able to wear them for dancing at Coachella. All in all a much higher quality pair of footwear all round. And a bargain $39.99.

Even more of a bargain when I later found them full price on-line for $160. (This is one of my favourite occupations: buying discount shoes at Loehmann's and then seeing how much I've saved.) As my dear papa always says, gotta spend it to save it. This phrase is usually directed at his spawn rather than at himself when he sees us reeling into the house under the weight of TK/TJ Maxx shopping bags.

There are many benefits to my temporary accommodation in Manhattan, but I'm not entirely sure that living opposite Loehmann's Designer Discount Store is one of them.