Thursday, April 09, 2009

Imagekind: Buying art on-line

It’s inevitable that spending time in San Francisco means that I will be talking tech stuff with my friends here. It’s a world over which I barely skate back in New York, so it’s fascinating to be directed to sites and technologies by people who really know what they are talking about.

Amongst the several websites that have been recommended to me I rather like Imagekind. Although I must admit to a vested interest as I have an artist friend, Tim Aldridge, lurking on there.

It works as a portal for any artist to sell prints of their work in any medium, be it photography, fine art or well, anything. They claim to be the world's fastest-growing art site, with over 750,000 high-quality images for sale, from over 50,000 domestic and international emerging and established artists. Imagekind make their money from myriad framing, glazing and paper options. Prints can be ordered in many sizes, and the site is emminently searchable by anything from artist name to the colour of the image.

But the reason I like it is from the artist's point of view, rather than as a consumer. In this climate it can be difficult to sell expensive canvases, so using Imagekind can make an artist's work available to the widest possible online audience, at a more affordable pricing structure.

Image: Butterfly by Tim Aldridge.
Print available to buy here