Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday: Jesusita trail to Inspiration Point

I always think I am not an active person: bed, books and snacks being my trinity of bliss. But I did grow up in the country, and when I get dragged outdoors for Activities, I always end up thoroughly enjoying myself. JK hauled my ass off to Santa Barbara for some trail hiking whilst we were staying at the Ojai Valley Inn and, although I grumbled away, once I was all dressed up in my hiking boots, khaki shorts and Camelback I got into the spirit of the thing.

We walked the Jesusita trail up to Inspiration Point. It's a 1,834- foot perch below Cathedral Peak Mission Canyon and overlooks Santa Barbara, Goleta, the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. I loved it so much that I ran back down the trail, in my best mountain goat fashion, literally jumping over rocks and bouncing off the walls of the canyon.

The most legal fun I've had in years.