Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whippet disaster

Utterly bloody Hell. Violet, our beloved whippet, was hit by a car at 730am on Friday morning. She was standing quietly at the bottom of our dead end country lane, waiting to be taken for her morning constitutional by our lovely neighbour, when the newspaper delivery man came burning down the lane and hit her for six.

She was whisked off to the vet, scanned, given stitches in her ear and kept in overnight. By the time we returned from London on Saturday morning, she was very subdued but we thought it was just the painkillers and general wooziness.

Unfortunately by 1am this morning she was completely out for the count. Muv took her to the emergency vet and it turns out that they had only scanned her head previously as she had had no external body injuries. (Fools.)

This morning it would seem that she has massive internal bleeding from a ruptured liver and possible damaged kidneys. Poor poor Vi. I feel terrible as I kept calming Muv down yesterday, as I was labouring under the misapprehension she had been fully X-rayed and therefore was just woozy from the drugs.

Muv has collected Vi from the vet in Towcester, who doesn’t have the equipment for a full diagnosis, and taken her to DVS, a fantastic small animal diagnostic and surgery centre in Hitchin. As she said, she can’t bear to make a decision about Vi’s future until we know exactly what is wrong with her internally.