Monday, August 03, 2009

Manbags part two

Okay, so my last selection of manbags was considered interesting but not quite what was required by Mr Avocado. He pointed out in a typyically verbose comment that he was,

"concerned that I will sweat all over it (my walks are, minimally, five miles, and I do these walks in the heat and humidity of summer in New York), thereby ruining it and also making it smell like a locker room. Men have to think about these things when choosing a man-bag.

Perhaps the solution is to continue to use my falling-apart Victorinox backpack for walking (during which walks I would carry my man-bag in my backpack), and then to carry a man-bag at all other times (during which times I would carry my backpack in my man-bag).

Maybe I'm over-thinking this -- you've accused me of that before, possibly accurately -- but I'm not over-thinking the fact that I don't want for my man-bag to smell like the dorm rooms of the hockey players at my high school who kept their hockey gear IN THEIR ROOMS."


But I would argue that if he is using a man-bag slung diagonally over one shoulder then it isn't going to be sweatily rubbing over his back.

I forgot about Tumi when I wrote the last post, and I am adding these bags to the solution pool:

The Tumi Sundance Collection Las Cruces East/West Day Bag $245

Tumi Sundance messenger bag

and a different take on the backpack: the Tumi Sundance Collection Alamogordo Backpack $445 (It also comes in black canvas for $295, but my guess is that the canvas won't be able to stand up to the wear & tear. or the SWEAT.

Tumi Alamogordo backpack black

Although given the fact that it would seem that what Mr Avocado really needs is a remedial looking backpack for his daily commute, and a stylich non-remedial bag for weekends, evenings engagements etc, maybe I should just admit defeat on a one bag fits all mission, and suggest a German military surplus canvas backpack for day to day use.

A bargain at a recession friendly $22.95, it's water-resistant, with a heavy duty vinyl bottom and can hold approximately 2200 cubic inches. That should cope with the SWEAT.