Thursday, July 23, 2009

New obsession: Kundan earrings

Kundun earrings I wear earrings every day, not studs or discreet hoops, but long dangly earrings which flash & sparkle through my long, blonde hair. Vintage chandeliers, Freedom for Topshop, the lovely ones that Nonsense On Stilettos sent me as a gift, cheapos from street markets: I'm not fussy.

But my absolute day to day favourites are made from papier maché & beads. I've written before about my love of these Indian lakh earrings which I have bought in Manhattan from ABC Carpet & Home's brilliant jewellery section, but, given my bad habit of lobbing them into my handbag, I've now broken them all.

Looking for replacements, I found these faux Kundan earrings on-line. Whilst they haven't displaced my love of lakh earrings, they are pretty high up on the list. They arrive tomorrow.