Monday, July 20, 2009

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio...

I really don't get that concerned about my future, & I certainly don't do overwrought. In my experience things tend to work themselves out eventually and flapping about does little to change the outcome.

So I've never been lining up to get my palm read, have my cards done or my astrological chart read. I'm a big believer in self-fulfilling prophecy and I see no reason to start messing with my head.

Last week was not great for various dull reasons and a lovely blog friend offered to cast my horoscope. Being at heart, a raging solipsist, I thought oh f**k it, why not?

I furnished the required details of birth time, day, month, year and thought nothing more of it.

Then my horoscope arrived.

And, blimey if it didn't nail me to a tee. I should add that my blog friend & I have met but once in the real world and, although she knows quite a lot about me, my childhood and precise background are not something we have ever discussed.

Yet the horoscope was astonishingly accurate about some early family & developmental issues, correctly identified food, nurture, & care as being very important to me, identified me as super creatively driven, as a writer (in several different fields), as a bon viveur, as a restless, questing traveller (I've moved continents and drove 4000 miles in seven weeks earlier this year) as someone with a strong interest in fashion and various other stuff you, dear reader, do not need to know.

So far, so sort of convincing, but little that would have me on a Damascene conversion to astrology.

But at the bottom of the email was the prediction which had me goggling at the screen. It was a suggestion that I should be pursuing a very specific creative endeavour. In a normal situation I would have been mildly interested at the suggestion as I had never, ever considered this endeavour as something I would or could do. Although it involves writing, it's a different discipline, has no connection to any arena in which I am considered to have expert knowledge, and isn't an industry I really know.

So, not only had it barely crossed my mind (as opposed to the way that, say, writing a film script has, for example, in that it's faintly interesting, cld evolve from my novel & I haven't ruled it out at some distant point in the future) but I had certainly never, ever mentioned it to anyone else.

So in light of the fact that just two days prior to my horoscope being cast, I had received, completely out of the blue, an unsolicited email from an award-winning company in this very particular field asking me if I was interested in pursuing this endeavour with their help, I am now COMPLETELY freaked out by this.