Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finchley the Bassett puppy update

So Finchley arrives in Stepford tomorrow. The boys were sent some up to date photos today along with the instructions on how to care for him over the first few months. Apparently his paws and ears are so disproportionately large that he trips over them constantly, & his growing skeleton means that he has to be carried upstairs and over steps until he is a year old.

However, given the photographic evidence below, I'm more concerned about his apparent predilection for chewing* up the available flora. Stepford was constructed in the middle of a forest and it would appear that the backyard will present as one large smorgasbord for lil'Finch.

Bassett hound puppy
Let's hope no one in the vicinity of Stepford is growing pot. Given that expression, the last thing he needs is more dope.

* Am also a trifle concerned for my shoe collection.