Saturday, August 08, 2009

A slow week

It's been a funny old week. Wednesday went by in a blur after this, and Thursday was about meetings, and maybe a quick lunch at Shake Shack. I went out for drinks at The Bowery Hotel with an interesting new friend in the evening, and two delicious and extremely strong cocktails had me wobbling across the road to Bianca for supper. We managed to close down that restaurant before wobbling across Bleecker for raspberry jam cocktails at my favourite bar Madame Geneva which we managed to close down too.

Consequently Friday was not as productive as I had hoped. I got distracted in the Union Square Greenmarket on the way to take JK for a birthday lunch on University Place and started filming and taking photographs, but I had my camera on the wrong settings so most of the images I shot were unusable.

Union Square Greenmarket eggplants

Union Square Greenmarket berries

After our lunch I just admitted defeat. I sat in Jackson Square

Jackson Square, NYC

for a while answering emails on my Blackberry, before heading to Soho House to play on the internets and hang out with lovely L on the squishy sofas. Recovery was aided first by the large slab of freebie chocolate cake that magically appeared next to us and, secondly, by spending an hour in the Cowshed Spa, wafting between the steam room (hair plastered in conditioner) and the rain shower, before slathering myself in various exotic Cowshed unguents and lesiurely blow drying my hair. Best hangover cure ever.

I shall draw a veil over the activities of last night and admit merely that I have a lot of catching up to do today.