Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shoes, puppies, the weather: another day in NJ

The weather is still unable to make up its mind here. Today we are in a kind of seasonal limbo. It is neither hot nor cold. It is not sunny, but neither is it raining .

So far, so good. Except. What the hell does one wear? Jeans seem too heavy, shorts too, well, short. Tights too sweaty, bare legs a bit goose bump inducing. Add to this that I only have my summer wardrobe out here in Stepford. All my winter clothes languish in storage in Manhattan and, I suspect, will require loving attention after the flood earlier this year.

Meanwhile, I have only open toe summer shoes here. Fortunately most of them have a platform so I can avoid dunking my toes in puddles:

Basset Hound puppy with shoes

Yup, all my shoes, winter and summer, have straps or are Mary Janes: this is because I have extremely narrow feet and heels, which means that I can't keep normal shoes on when I walk. I would persevere with non strappy shoes, but I am remedially clumsy and it's just not worth the bother of trying to stay upright.

Finchley, so far, seems only obsessed with chewing flip flops and sneakers and attacking the handbags that swing temptingly from the bedpost above his questing nose. He has steadfastly ignored GG's Berlutis and my heel collection. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

ps I'm pretty sure the boys wld like me to point out that a Pepto-Bismol pink plush carpet in the spare bedroom was not their choice: it came with the house and will be replaced as soon as there is no danger of Finchley weeing on it.