Sunday, September 06, 2009

What fashion editors wear when no one is looking...

This afternoon La Waffle alerted me to the existence of What I Wore Today, the brainchild of illustrator Gemma Correll. It's a Flickr group where you can post a drawing of what you've been wearing that day.

La Waffle posted her look, and I was inspired I tell you, inspired to draw my own super styling Sunday outfit. (Ancient T-shirt from the East Village flea market, complete with chocolate stains, tatty denim shorts, bedhead, chewed up flipflops & bottle lens spectacles.)

Fashion editor off duty

What's refreshing about What I Wore Today is that everyone has a sense of humour: instead of endless "admire my taste" outfit photos, (which are rarely done well)* you get illustrations of hangover outfits, pottering looks, & Sunday schlumpfing numbers as well as pretty dresses & going out numbers. The one thing they all have in common is an interpretation of personal style, as opposed to a bland copy of fashion.

Which ties in very neatly with India Knight's piece in The Sunday Times today which, amongst other things, looked at the way in which women seem to find it necessary to truss themselves up in the latest approximations of runway looks even to go to the supermarket or the park.

As she says, "I can’t help but be taken aback by the incredible sartorial lengths “ordinary” — by which I mean busy, hard-working, short of time, not rich — women go to on a daily basis. Surely this is a newish thing, wandering about waxed, primped, hoisted, hoicked, tottering, just to go to the office or do the school run before a stroll round Morrisons?"

I suppose the point we are all trying to make is that looking great shouldn't be so forced. It's just not necessary to try so hard. After all, even fashion editors don't hang around at the weekends in vertiginous heels & pencil skirts...

When did fashion start to trump style?

Click here to see my friends' sketches of their outfits.

*honourable exceptions: the always ravishing Queen Michelle & Susie bien Sur.