Monday, September 07, 2009

What I Wore Today: Continued

Oh, we did have fun together drawing our super styling Sunday & Monday outfits, posting them on Twitter and on What I Wore Today's Flickr group This is what happens when you are avoiding deadlines/weepettes/infants/work/pterodactyls...

As you can see below, we ran the gamut of sartorial choices...(mine is on the previous post).

Jojo Moyes
's Sunday outfit - (Wonderful author)

Jojo Moyes WIWT

Mrs Trefusis 's Monday outfit - (Very Important magazine person)

Mrs Trefusis WIWT

Belgian Waffling
's Sunday outfit (Lawyer, writer, all round brilliance.)

Belgian Waffle WIWT

The City Road 's Monday outfit (London dweller, works with fashion people)

The City Road WIWT

Steve from We Are Dinosaurs's Monday outfit (Talented stegosaurus)

We are dinosaurs WIWT