Thursday, October 01, 2009

Coney Island September 2009

Coney Island out of season seems caught in time. It's just a thirty minute subway ride from Manhattan to the very edge of Brooklyn, but it feels like a different country.

Plastic bags blow down the empty boardwalk; the only sound is the crack of penants flying above the shuttered snack bars.

Boardwalk Coney Island

Beach closed Coney Island

Shuttered shops  Coney Island

Coney Island

freak show  Coney Island

Wonderwheel Coney Island

Whilst the future of Coney Island's attractions is unclear, it seems some have already been dismantled:

closed rides Coney Island

Yesterday was the first cold day of autumn here. As the sea breeze whipped around my head, I pulled my fluffy cashmere scarf up to my ears and tried not to scuttle for the warmth of the subway back to Manhattan. It was sunny though at 5pm and I took photograph after photograph before my fingers froze and I succumbed to Nathan's Famous.

Nathan's Famous Coney Island

Boardwalk  Coney Island

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