Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Inconvenient Bag - winners!

  • Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my first LLG eco giveaway! The response to the giveaways I've been running each week with the help of a few wonderful sponsors (thank you Ormonde Jayne, Etre Touchy gloves & The Inconvenient Bag) has been so great, that I'll be running a giveaway once a week from now until Christmas. (Basically I'm thoroughly enjoying playing Santa Claus.)

    Anyway, on to the people who are receiving an Inconvenient Bag. Chosen using numbers drawn on, they are:

  • Red Shoes said...
  • At Mardi Gras this year, one of the parades (Muses) used reusable bags as throws. Best parade throw I've ever gotten. Only problem is, last week my sister got sick in the car and um... defiled it. Unsalvageable. I need a new grocery bag.
  • enc said...
  • My shopping goes into one of the bog-standard eco bags the grocery store sells for .99c. It's awful, because it's already torn. Things keep falling out of it. I'm loathe to buy another one to replace it, because it'll just be more of the same (cheap) thing. This would be a great permanent replacement!
  • an ordinary girl said...
    Their bags are cute! Way better than my oft-reused paper Trader Joe's bags. I still have a stash, and each one usually lasts a while, so I have been bringing them with me every time I go grocery shopping. But these bags would be much better since they can be folded and last much longer!
  • Red Shoes definitely made me laugh the most! Can you three email me at libertylondongirl at so that I can tell you how to go about claiming your bag? Thank you.