Sunday, November 22, 2009

So far, so good.

I arrived back in England on Friday and have driven over 500 miles in 48hrs.

I am jet lagged, exhausted and happy.

I've unpacked, gossiped, seen two of my godchildren and three of my best friends, drunk a lot of tea, been given a hysterical weeing welcome by Posetta Baddog, watched New Moon at the cinema in Islington at 10am with Miss P, shown 4yr old Little C how to drive a shift stick sports car, met 40 odd hitherto unknown rather brilliant twitterers & bloggers, navigated map-less from Muswell Hill to Wandsworth & back again without getting lost (& decided to never visit SW-whatever ever again), discussed glittery angels with Amelia, Doctor Who & the Ood with Miss P's stepchildren & Ben Ten with Little C, driven my father to Heathrow from Towcester to catch a flight to Kathmandu, had a post midnight bag of chips (fries), abducted my sister & the Baddog from her best friend's in Oxford, cooked Mama supper (twice), watched The X Factor in the right time zone and now I am going to sleep.