Friday, November 27, 2009

Toy Watch second time around

After I had a giant strop on LLG about bits falling off my Toy Watch within weeks of buying it, my inbox went crazy.

Not, as I had thought might happen, with emails from similarly cross customers, but from readers who were Toy Watch aficionados. They pretty much all swore that their watches had never missed a beat. That’s pretty unusual: when I go off on one of my rants, I usually get lots of comments telling me about similar experiences. (Dell spring to mind.) I also had an email from a very concerned Toy Watch distributor and one from their PR agency in London.

I was impressed on both counts.

So today I hopped off to meet them and to take a look at the Toy Watch flagship store on Regent Street. I’m always prepared to give people, products, places a second chance, so when they offered me a replacement watch I gracefully accepted and am now wearing this:


It’s bright, it’s shiny, it’s certainly not subtle - and I love it. Everything in my wardrobe is black so this makes a very colourful change. I think it tremendously chic in a rather unexpected manner. I’ve already been stopped in the street twice and asked about its provenance - & I’ve only had it an hour.

Let’s hope this one stays together. I shall report back in a month and let you know if, as readers, lovely PR & distributor all swear, that my Toy Watch experience was just an aberration.