Monday, December 14, 2009

Anonymous comments

I have decided to suspend anonymous commenting permanently on my blog. I am afraid that this means all commenters will require a log-in, but bloggers and regular commenters will usually find that they are automatically signed in.

I would prefer not to have to do this but, as Blogger accounts receive a very high volume of obscene p**n spam-bot comments, I have to moderate all my comments and I would rather not have to read vituperative broadsides as well as p**n every day.

On a brighter note, I have been receiving comments from a particularly amusing anonymous who has decided to critique my writing style. The comments would have more effect upon me if Anon wasn't such a dreadful writer him/herself, both being fond of a particularly florid tone of phrase and committing just the sins of which I stand accused.

I thought I would amuse my readers by leaving the most recent comment here, so that you too can appreciate the exquisite humour in Anon's accusation of 'abuse of our rich language', along with his/her abysmal punctuation.

"Wow, you actually published a negative. I applaud you. However, you miss the point, it is not the subject of your post that bores me. I should have been more articulate in my comment, and that was sloppy of me. It is your phrasing and use of language that is so dreary, you are quick to complain of other bloggers abuse of our rich language and it surprises me that someone from your media background can become so predictable in your own expression. Perhaps you have dried up."