Monday, December 14, 2009

Miss P's birthday

A glorious time was had at lovely Miss P's landmark birthday supper in Canonbury, London, on Saturday night. Miss P had made delicious beef & prune tagine, herb spiked couscous and fattoush, and Champagne ensured jollity.

I arrived early enough to read my adorable godson Edward four stories before bedtime, including Where the Wild Things are (I am SO all about the rumpus where my godchildren are concerned) & Good Night New York City (hmm, guess who bought him that?)

Unfortunately my dulcet tones were insufficiently soporific to lull him into sleep and, after all the guests arrived, he made it very clear that the party would benefit from his attendance.

Particularly in the matter of fairy cake sampling.

Miss P's birthday

You can't really blame him tho. When this was in the near vicinity, who could expect an infant to stay away?

Cupcake tower

Fairy cake sampling was followed by delicious bunny chewing with the infant's uncle, the esteemed food writer & blogger Mr Tim Hayward, whose splendid new publication Fire & Knives clearly isn't giving him enough material into which to get his teeth.

Miss P's birthday