Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blog Housekeeping: RSS feed & email subs

Today email subscribers to LLG will have received an email saying that the feed is obsolete. This is because, as part of my transfer to a new domain name, I've had to change my RSS feed address.

This post is a repeat of one I ran a few weeks ago so, if you have subscribed since 23rd November, you will not need to subscribe again.

Er, yes, but what on earth does that actually mean?
In simple terms, if you have previously subscribed to LLG's email delivery service for new posts before 23rd November, you will stop receiving emails from today unless you re-enter your email address in the handy box to your right.
If you subscribe to LLG in a Reader, you will need to click on the RSS symbol in the address bar, use the link in the sidebar or click here Subscribe in a reader

ps don't forget to change any links to from as in two weeks the blogspot address will be DEAD! xxx