Friday, December 18, 2009

What do I wear in the snow?

It's simple: do everything that I do not, and you will be fine.

Firstly. Do not leave your Wellington boots outside the back door the night before heavy snow is is forecast:

snow covered wellies

You will end up wearing your leather boots in the snow:

boots snow

Do not wear a sweater & skirt under yr coat in a cute, Alpine, let's reference the 1950s look. Because when you got out into the fields to take photographs, and forget to take the sheep nuts with you,


the sheep will charge you, looking for their breakfast, and you will lose balance, fall over backwards, giggling, and get large amounts of snow on bare skin in the gap between your skirt and sweater. You will also find that a very strong cold draught blows up your skirt.

sheep snow

Do not mess with sheep in the snow.