Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cookie cutters: dachshunds, dogs & more

I've been baking gingerbread biscuits/cookies for the past two weeks, for little C's fourth birthday party and for the Christmas carols in the small Northamptonshire village where my mother lives. From angels to elephants, I've made all manner of shapes, using our family collection of cookie cutters.


I've had the ones above since I was about five. Part of a Galt children's cookery set, given to me by my lovely godmother (& superlative cook) Rachie, they came with a tiny plywood chopping board, mini wooden rolling pin and these cutters. I remember very clearly making mini versions of whatever my mother was baking. I guess some childhood habits do stick...

(I can't find a Galt set on-line but Cooksmart Kids 12 Piece Cookery Set £12.99 is similar, as is Kiddie Bake Set of 9 $14.99)

The gingerbread man is very old and must be at least as old as my plastic cutters, from the seventies and probably older. My favourite in the collection is the dachshund cutter, which I think my mother bought in Williams & Sonoma in New York.


Since I posted photographs of the finished biscuits on Twitter, I've had lots of queries about where to buy a similar dachsie cutter. I found the following on-line in the UK, US & Australia.

UK:Dachshund cookie cutter £2.50
They also have a set of thirteen assorted dog-related cookie cutters in a gift box for £16.95, including 9 dogs, dog bone, paw, kennel and a fire hydrant (it's American, they don't have lamp posts!). Unfortunately the photography blows so I can't show you a photo big enough.

US: Creative Products Mini Dog Cookie Cutter Set, incl dachsie Set of 8$12.99
R & M Dog Cookie Cutter - Dachshund $1 each

Aus: mini dachsie cutters here