Saturday, December 12, 2009

Delia Smith's Book of Cakes

Delia Smith's  Book of Cakes

I'm about to post the step by step instructions for baking perfect gingerbread biscuits/cookies. The recipe is Delia's from her legendary, idiot proof Delia Smith's Book of Cakes, first published in 1977.

Every Wednesday my mother would bake racks of Viennese Whirls, brownies, meringues & flapjacks from it, and my sister had the ice cream birthday cake every year. I used to read it avidly, and started cooking from it when I was very, very small.

One of the reasons that I like it so much is that she doesn't cut corners: her parkin IS parkin and her Richmond Maids of Honour are the proper ones. For that reason, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a primer of traditional English cakes & biscuits.

Then you can make these too: