Friday, December 11, 2009

Excellent gift shop in Oxford: Frog Orange

BFrog Orange animal_hands_tattoos
Animal Hand Tattoos £4

Frog Orange
in Headington, one of the small villages on the outskirts of Oxford that has now been subsumed into the city limits, is a fantastic gift shop. I should make a disclaimer here that it was opened in 2001 and been run ever since by my sister’s best friend and her wife. That, however, makes it even better: The Lee-Allens have the wicked-est sense of humour I’ve ever come across, and it’s reflected in Frog Orange's fabulous window displays, quirky buy and irreverent website. (Even if Bec is overly fond of using 'snazzy' at every available opportunity.)

Sample text & image from website:
"Pictured model (Bec) looks lovely in hers, but is in fact wearing turban back to front - never work with children, animals or twits."

Frog Orange turban
Hair Turban

They sell gadgets, jewellery, cards, toys, presents, beautiful baby gifts, gifts for men (not an illustrated pint glass, novelty golf ball or crazy tie in sight), and have a fine line in balloons & balloon displays, which they can deliver in the area, and further afield for huuuuge orders, even having provided ten feet high twisted balloon columns for a film event in Leicester Square.

Frog Orange Marble Run
Marble Run £12 (WANT)

Their website is great, but doesn't even begin to touch their range of stock, so I highly recommend a visit to the bricks & mortar store. If you’re lucky you may even get to meet Frog Orange’s mascot, Woody (Allen - geddit?)

woody Allen jack russell

their Jack Russell (& best friend of Posetta Baddog), who has his own blog, Woody's Dog Blog. Much to my disappointment, Woody is on a blogging hiatus right now, but his archives are knicker-wettingly funny.

There's free delivery on everything sent out from the shop & website during December, and they always gift wrap for free everything sent out on request (except, as they point out, the balloons, which would be a little tricky.)