Monday, December 07, 2009

Oxfam Unwrapped: Give a chicken for Christmas

Oxfam Australia image

I've had a wonderful year, but it hasn't been the most lucrative one of my career. That, in turn, has made me really look at how I spend my money. For instance, I've tried not to buy really cheap disposable clothing and instead have saved up for one or two great pieces that will last beyond one season.

I'm also now thinking about Christmas. I have all manner of lovely possessions and have got to the point where, although I may want, I certainly do not need anything and I'd be very very happy if someone popped a £11 chicken in my stocking this year.

Or a goat, bunny, duck, cow, pig, donkey, llama or camel for that matter.

To give an animal for Christmas head to:
Oxfam UK
Oxfam Australia
Oxfam USA