Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Top Ten Words a Writer Should Not Use

I read part of a novel last night, (I couldn't finish it), which contained so many words that made me cringe that I made a list of the ones that induced maximum toe-curling.

There are plenty of words used in everyday speech, with or without irony, that just do not work in written, descriptive English. To those I also add the words which are just lazy or sloppy cover-alls, and those which are almost always used incorrectly.

Refined – unless it’s sugar
Groovy – unless we’re talking about Austin Powers
Funky – unless in America where it means something completely different (off/smelly)
Eaterie –utterly wrong. What's wrong with restaurant or café?
Jazz as a verb
Yummy – how old are we?
Toothsome –Eurgh
Flavourful - no shit, Sherlock. Don’t suppose you want to tell us which flavour you are talking about?
Chillax - a hideous contraction, which only works when spoken by teenagers
Classy – just lazy