Monday, December 14, 2009

A Stylist's Prop Kit


It's amazing what you find when you start clearing out cupboards & closets prior to a house move. In February 2007, I was in South Africa, shooting a campaign. At its close, I flew into Heathrow, and straight off to New York.

A few months later I came back to London to shoot another campaign. I hunted high & low for part of my styling prop kit which had just vanished into thin air. I turned my sister's house upside down, begged my assistant to check both her bags & apartment - all to no avail.

Then last week, as I was turning out a cupboard at my mother's house in the country, one that is never opened behind a bed in a little used room, I found an old suitcase. In the pocket were parts of my prop kit, along with my favourite YSL inspired straw hat, two bikinis and a pair of hot pants. God only knows how it all got in there.

Still, as those silicon breast enhancer thingies cost about £30 a pair, I'm glad to have them just in case I decide I take on any more styling gigs. Even if it does mean I now have four pairs of the things...I replaced most of my prop kit a year ago in frustration when I thoughtI was never going to find it again.