Monday, December 14, 2009

Mini Mozart presents Sleeping Beauty

Mini Mozart cover

Four years ago one of my dearest friends, Clare-Louise Shaw, founded Mini Mozart music classes for babies & for pre-schoolers in North London, and today she launches Mini Mozart presents Sleeping Beauty, her first recording, which includes all the different types of music the children enjoy at her classes, from classical to jazz.

I am incredibly proud of everything she has achieved and, regardless of the launch of the CD, think she deserves praise for managing to set up her own flourishing business in a recession, and all whilst raising her family.

Her fun & fabulous music sessions are guided by trained musicians, accompanied by a pianist, and based around fairy tales & fables. They're specifically designed to teach children how to engage with music not just hear it, whilst enjoying themselves in a child-friendly environment.

The CD tells the story of Sleeping Beauty, through a silky voiced narration from actress Katie Bryers, interspersed with lots of excerpts from classical music as well as new arrangements of familiar nursery rhymes for children to sing along to - and which won't irritate long-suffering parents.

Clare's impressive musical background (she plays four instruments to orchestra level, notched up a music scholarship at Uppingham School, a music degree from Newcastle University, & a jazz scholarship to the legendary Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA) and television presenting experience (BBC Music at The Proms & The Young Musician of the Year), combined with bringing up her own two small children all helped her work out how best to introduce young children to the world of music.

An MP3 will be available on iTunes shortly, but for Christmas & Holiday orders, the CD can be ordered from Clare at for £10 + £1.50 p&p.

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