Monday, January 04, 2010

How to keep your feet warm in New York winter: Sheepskin Lined Walking Boots

Celtic Sheepskin boots interior

Until I moved to New York, I thought a British winter was cold. Then I discovered -15C + windchill in Manhattan and knew I had been labouring under a mammoth-sized delusion. (Of course friends from places like Minnesota laugh drily. They really know about cold & snow there.)

I quickly put together an NYC cold weather wardrobe, but I still always have cold feet. The icy pavements and enduring slush means that Hunter wellies (which have proper treaded soles) are the most practical winter footwear, but even with tights & cashmere socks my feet freeze. There are also times when wellies just feel a bit unsophisticated. They also look stupid with anything other than the skinniest of pants. And I am not even going to address the sartorial horror of the Ugg (ly) boot.

Then this Christmas my mother ordered herself these boots from the Celtic Sheepskin Company. They have waterproof nubuck outers and are lined with soft sheepskin. I've, erm, borrowed them to walk the dogs and have even worn them without socks. Did they keep my feet warm? Hell yeah.

They are utterly, brilliantly bloody marvellous.

Celtic Sheepskin boots

£135 from The Celtic Sheepskin Company. They also sell wonderful sheepskin lined wellies, which my sister has & swears by, which are sold out at the moment.