Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What not to wear: Sienna demonstrates the concept with élan

Now I generally try not to get stuck into the whole bash a celebrity's frock routine as a) the Fug girls do it better than I can and b) there's generally more exciting things to talk about, like, well, men and pretty summer frocks, and, um, cookies.

But oh my goodness gracious me, look what Sienna got up to in Rome. She's been in town to shoot a Vogue story with Mario Testino, and to attend the 45th anniversary celebration of the House. But none of that was reason to choose this asthma sufferer's worst nightmare, especially when she had access to the entire Valentino archive. Granted, she's been looking pretty ropey since the youth of today stole her boho style and left her sartorially naked, but that is NO excuse for sporting Big Bird's cousin's prom outfit. And I'm not even going to get started on the make-up. I can only assume she had kept on the photographic make up from shooting earlier in the day in a misguided attemt to save time in the stylist's chair.