Sunday, September 16, 2007

What not to wear: Part Two: Men in the summer city

My first not what to wear list back in Spring was pretty comprehensive, but female orientated. Observing the male species in Manhattan this summer added some male don'ts to the list.

1) Backpacks worn with the straps over both shoulders on men over 16 in the city. The quickest way to look academically challenged. It's time to leave behind the wipe-clean trappings of childhood and buy a Proper Bag.

2) Teva sandals. File under Birkenstock. What’s wrong with a nice pair of leather sandals? As noted before, you are a grown up after all, not a German backpacker.

3) Short sleeved shirts on men. Smacks of office clerk-dom, Forrest Gump and Sta-Press slacks. Roll up a long sleeve shirt instead: much more stylish.

4) Short shorts in the city. You look like you got distracted from your original mission to go to the beach in your swimming trunks. Inappropriate.