Thursday, August 06, 2009

Running around Manhattan

I’m back in New York for a few days, and there couldn’t be a greater contrast to living in a forest in New Jersey. There are fire trucks honking, police sirens wailing and the continual low hum of the traffic on Lexington.

I was here last week, but tried to pack in too much into two days, so this time I am taking the simple route. No plans. Bar a few meetings and going out tonight with a friend. Mainly I am running around with a Flip video camera shooting my Style Diary, rummaging around in my Chelsea storage container for possessions I’ve decided I cannot live without, and sucking up all that New York goodness.

In fact I’m off to Shake Shack to suck up their particular brand of goodness right now.

Tomorrow I’m off over the bridge to explore Brooklyn for the day. I haven’t had a good rummage around Beacon’s Closet vintage store in Williamsburg for a while, and I want to poke about in Red Hook. It’s ridiculous that there are huge swathes of the Five Boroughs that I haven’t investigated properly. If it wasn’t for Yankees games I wouldn’t even be able to say I’d visited the Bronx.

Darling S has gone kitesurfing in Chile for the next ten days, and left me with the keys to his swish bachelor pulling pad in Gramercy, which is immensely kind of him. (I've been crashing at my girlfriends apts and I am sure they will be glad to have a break from me sleeping in their beds.)

I’m still trying to work out if I will go back to London for the funeral next Wednesday. And, of course, there are my lovely boys and the Basset Hounds in New Jersey. Decisions. Decisions.