Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Daily Telegraph: 20 Best Fashion Blogs

Telegraph 20 best fashion blogs

Well, I was thrilled to wake up yesterday to an email from Kiki telling me that LLG had been included in The Daily Telegraph's 20 Best Fashion Blogs list, alongside such luminaries as The New York Times' The Moment, The Selby, Style Bubble and Jak&Jill.

Quick edit: Just received an email here in America to say that the list ran in print in The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine today: a magazine I love. I am thrilled!

So, thank you all my current readers for continuing to read LLG: I still find it hard to believe that this blog, which was originally my letters home to London from New York, has grown into something more.

If this is your first visit here: thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to enter the wonderful Ormonde Jayne Bathing Oil giveaway in the post below, and to take a look at the links to various LLG posts here to give you an idea of the random things about which I write:

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